08 June, 2010

Chalk it up to New Eyes

I recently had another opportunity to see with new eyes. In truth, every event I attend these days is an exercise in that, but the Denver Chalk Art Festival was certainly no exception. So how did I make my images stand out at this event you find yourself reading, but silently cursing that you were about to ask just that? For starters, I shot primarily with my (Lens) baby.

Second, I just changed my angle.

Even without the LensBaby, changing your angle is a quick and easy way to add dynamism to your shots.

Also, just take a look at what everyone else is taking a picture of.

Yes it may be fantastic, but try not taking that photo because you know everyone else has.

Regardless of what everyone else is doing, just take the photos that are intersting to you.

If it feels like work, then you're not having fun. Enjoy yourself! I sure did.

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