01 January, 2009

Dinosaurs Vs...Day 1

When I was little, there was one force in the universe that could bring everyone together. It didn’t matter what faith, what race, what nationality; this one thing unified all peoples for the greater good. That force was…DINOSAURS. And so it begins. Inspired (or mayhaps, “egged on”) by my good friend over at the Hobbsblog, today we begin the battle for the safety of the world. Everyday this month we will see the campaign to achieve victory over these heinous foes. There will be casualties, primarily me, as each day there will be a brand new image in the series, taken that day, processed and posted by midnight. You may (likely not) be wondering why I don’t just do the “photo a day” thing. For one thing, I need the focus. Keeping with a theme will provide that. The goal is to complete a series of well done shots. I’m not interested in putting together anything less. I don’t expect all of these shots to be masterpieces, but I know effort will be expected to make something of value. Yes, that can be done with a simple “photo a day” method, but as I’ve said. I need the focus. And I’m sure this will be way more interesting than 31 photos of my kitchen utensils. So, as they say “Let’s kick this pig.”

Dinosaurs Vs. Optimus Prime and the Green Army


Amy. said...

Oh, I see your problem. You seemed to have raised the bar with your standards here. SILLY! That's a good idea thought, dude. DO IT! We should have a brainstorming session.

Amy. said...